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Automated Service Desk: The Future of Incident Management

Tapas Ranjan
VP of Products, Symbiz
Rakuten Symphony
February 22, 2023
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At Rakuten Symphony, we had the vision to transform service experience centers to make them efficient and effective and to ensure the right amount of Service Assurance and Governance is in place to improve customer satisfaction and experience.

Unfortunately, the traditional approach to incident management, which relies on manual processes, can often result in lengthy resolution times, poor governance, and a lack of assurance that ultimately leads to an unacceptable level of service for the customer. As technology advances, businesses constantly seek new ways to streamline operations and improve efficiency and response times. One area in which this is particularly true is in the realm of incident management. At Rakuten Symphony, we have developed a solution to this problem with our Automated Service Desk solution.

Automated Service Desk is a solution comprising of two products, Service Desk and Knowledge Hub, that leverage the power of automation.

  • Service DeskGives the operations team the tools need to resolve low to medium-impact incidents such as network alarms, configuration changes, and other network problems.
  • Knowledge Hub: Knowledge Hub is a single source of truth, a centralized repository to store, share and access all information across the organization.
  • Together is better:  Service Desk, which can thrive with an abundance of knowledge at its disposal, is joined with Knowledge Hub to ensure information can be gathered quickly and efficiently to resolve incidents faster

Our solution is built with “automation” as the central core and component in all the features. Automation allows many manual tasks associated with incident management to be performed automatically, freeing staff to focus on other tasks. 

Two key differentiating benefits of our Automated Service Desk are playbooks & AI-based personal assistants. Playbooks are pre-defined sets of procedures (executive decision trees) that are followed to resolve specific incidents. They allow incidents to be handled consistently and efficiently, reducing human error and ensuring that the proper steps are taken every time. This results in faster resolution times and service levels. In fact, we have gone one step further and used the power of AI and developed Lina, an AI Personal assistant, to help expedite and execute responses to queries and playbooks.

 “Rakuten Symphony Automated Service Desk is built to truly deliver next-generation experiences.”
– Tapas Ranjan, Vice President of Products, Symbiz

Powered by the Symworld Platform to deliver the digital experience, data management, and workflow automation that will ensure end-to-end service monitoring and governance is performed securely, efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Learn more about Rakuten Symphony’s Automated Service Desk solution and how it can help transform and improve your incident response with greater accuracy and better governance.

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