RF Planning & Optimization

Unified cloud-native RF Planning and Optimization from a single dashboard 

Optimize coverage, interference, capacity, and customer experience through cloud-native planning with geospatial analytics and AI algorithms.

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The Challenges

Manual network design, planning, and optimization demand significant time and effort. Keeping up with the evolving network element configurations and maintaining design consistency among teams is challenging. Although some teams have pockets of automation, but reusability is limited. Siloed data and manual compilation of network KPIs introduce the risk of errors due to human oversight and time-related lapses.

The Solution

Rakuten's RF Planning and Optimization solution transforms RF network management with an AI-powered, automated approach that streamlines design, planning, and optimization through RAN Commander and NetPulse applications. Leveraging advanced algorithms for precise network configurations and near real-time analytics, it offers scalable, cost-effective deployment strategies across any network size, backed by a flexible, cloud-native framework.


Benefits of Rakuten RF Planning & Optimization

AI-powered RF Planning

Explore the capabilities of automated site selection and configuration, where AI-led algorithms analyze geographical data, propagation models, and user demand to optimize network designs effortlessly.

Network Digital Twin

Navigate an AI-powered virtual RF network for accurate scenario analysis, disaster response planning, and future network expansion.

Dynamic RF Optimization

Experience effective network tuning, where AI continuously adjusts network parameters to meet ever-changing conditions, ensuring optimal capacity and performance for an improved user experience.

Real-time Coverage Performance

Monitor network performance, detect issues, and optimize coverage in real-time, addressing coverage gaps, signal variations, and areas of potential service improvement. This minimizes service disruptions and enhances customer satisfaction.

Rakuten RF Planning & Optimization Solution Architecture

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