Ethical standards for purchasing and procurement

Rakuten Symphony, Inc. and/or any legal entity which Rakuten Symphony, Inc. holds, directly or indirectly, a majority of the voting rights of all shareholders, and other legal entity which the Rakuten Symphony, Inc. substantially controls its management (hereinafter referred to as "Rakuten Symphony") selects suppliers and subcontractors of goods and services based on rational and objective criteria such as price, function and performance, quality, delivery time, performance, and other criteria.

In addition, Rakuten Symphony expects that all suppliers and subcontractors will endorse the Rakuten Group Code of Ethics, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and make the utmost efforts to respect human rights, ensure fair employment and labor practices, protect the environment, and ensure the safety of products and services.

We, Rakuten Symphony and its executives and employees;

  • We will not receive money, gifts, entertainment, or any other form of benefits that may inappropriately affect our business decisions.
  • No money, gifts, entertainment, or any other form of benefit will be provided for the purpose of influencing the acquisition and maintenance of business or securing business superiority.
  • In particular, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations and will not directly or indirectly provide goods, money, or other items of any value that are intended for, or likely to be regarded as, preferential treatment to public officials or quasi-public officials.
  • When giving or receiving meals or gifts deemed necessary for business purposes, we will do so to the extent that it is not inconsistent with the purpose stated above. In addition, we will neither receive nor provide any high-cost service beyond the level deemed appropriate by socially accepted standards.
  • At the same time as complying with relevant laws and regulations, we will establish and comply with internal rules concerning gifts, entertainment, and the transfer of other benefits.

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