Telecom Cloud Solutions

One Cloud for Network and IT Workloads

Experience a future-proof, scalable platform with an ultra-low footprint, offering full functionality, observability and feature richness. One single click to instantly roll out and manage the lifecycle of 10,000s of edge nodes and telco core elements from bare-metal to services.

Rakuten Cloud-Native

One-click app onboarding. Declarative, context-aware workload placement. Just tell Rakuten Cloud what you need and it will auto-discover and configure it for you.

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Rakuten Cloud-Native

The industry's highest performing,
enterprise-grade, app-aware
cloud-native storage

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Rakuten Cloud-Native

Large-scale, end-to-end automation and orchestration platform, delivering bare-metal and RAN as-a-service, with hybrid cloud provisioning and zero-touch edge application deployment

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Simplifying complexity: Enabling application-centric operations from core to edge

Managing modern-day distributed systems, especially at the stateful edge, introduces layers of complexity. Solving this complexity calls for a pivotal shift in focus from infrastructure to the applications across the entire application lifecycle – from the planning (Day 0), to launch (Day 1) and operations (Day 2).

Mastering this complexity is key. The answer lies in automation. Automation ensures faster execution, fewer errors, and greater cost efficiency, all of which are essential to modern-day telecom operations.

Rakuten Cloud stands at the forefront of this new paradigm. As an industry-leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, it seamlessly integrates with any infrastructure, be it bare metal or cloud, public or private. Its standout feature is having the industry’s lowest control overhead, coupled with an unmatched ability to abstract infrastructure-related concerns.

This application-centric approach significantly enhances operational speed, quality and efficiency – all parameters that are critical to stateful edge computing.

Awards & Accolades

Simplify and future-proof your 
cloud-native transformation


One-click deployment and automated lifecycle management of Stateful, 4G/5G and Edge applications on Kubernetes


Automate day 0, day 1 operations across data lifecycle management. Experience bare-metal performance and advanced data protection on any Kubernetes, any cloud


Metal-to-service orchestration and automation of massive-scale complex and distributed bare metal infrastructure, 3rd party PNFs, VNFs, CNFs and service chains

World's First Telecom Edge Cloud Deployed in Production and Proven at Scale at Rakuten Mobile

First in-production
containerized 5G stack with


of subscribers

Enabling Open RAN
and core on COTS hardware


reduction in CapEx

Massive reduction in deployment time


from 10 days to minutes

Running VNFs and CNFs in a single platform



The same cloud supports all industries and enterprises making the move to fully distributed real time operations

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