Rakuten Internet Services

Rakuten provides essential application services for communication and collaboration to businesses, ranging from startups to enterprises.

Our services enhance business efficiency, allowing companies to concentrate on  operations and markets without disrupting workflows.

Experience our award-winning cloud-native suite

Our services create an efficient work environment for seamless productivity

Cloud Storage Service : Rakuten Drive

Offers optimized cloud storage for enterprises with customizable storage sizes and account configurations to suit your business requirements, facilitating swift file transfer and seamless collaboration through both web and mobile app. It eliminates unnecessary features while optimizing functionalities for enhanced work efficiency, empowering users to boost productivity and streamline collaboration.
  • Storage-based plan for customization of cloud storage and account configuration for enterprises
  • The fastest speed among products released in the market
  • Unlimited file transfer
  • Seamless collaboration with colleagues through Microsoft 365 document sharing and editing
  • Monitoring all team members’ activities, including log-in status, file transfer, and cloud usage, ensuring secure file management
  • Triple security encryption for safe file management

P2PFile Transfer Service : Send Anywhere

Delivers a straightforward and rapid file transfer compatible with any operating system and device. It supports the transfer of files in any format and unlimited size, enabling users to send files to any desired devices.
  • DirectTransfer among any devices, OSs, and platforms, leaving no traces after the transfer with triple encryption
  • Unlimited file transfer​
  • API service enables enterprises to white-label and establish an internal file transfer service for high-speed, high-capacity file transfers.​
  • By utilizing the Email Add-On feature, corporate users of Outlook and Gmail can directly attach large files from their email interface.

Communication Platform as a Service : Rakuten CPaaS

A cloud-based communication solution designed to enhance end user communication channels for enterprises. Our platform empowers businesses to effortlessly deploy and tailor SMS & voice messages through A2P & P2A APIs, providing various services to enrich engagement with end-users and strengthen connections.
  • API Agility with Carrier grade quality
  • Ease of use with simple API, or no code Campaign Dashboard
  • Japan Experts – the most effective communication gateway to Japan from abroad
  • Highly competitive pricing, giving you excellent value for your investment
  • Confirm API generates a One-Time Passcode and sends over SMS through Hybrid platforms (OTT messaging apps and SMS)
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