Building a business to change the world

All people need connectivity.
Rakuten is reinventing telecom by greatly reducing cost, rewarding big users not penalizing them, empowering more people and leading the human centric AI future.
The mission is to connect everybody and enable all to be.
Rakuten. Telecom Invented.
We’re challenging the status quo. We’re going to turn it upside down. Low-cost, fast and high-quality network coverage for every single person. That’s our goal.”
Mickey Mikitani
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rakuten Group

Chief Executive Officer, Rakuten Symphony
Mickey Mikitani

Rakuten is not a telecom company

With a diverse ecosystem of over 70+ services, Rakuten has successfully transformed industries—moving them online to benefit from total digitalization, reducing cost and accelerating operations to create unbeatable competitive advantage.

Examples of Rakuten Japanese leadership

#1 e-commerce marketplace

by domestic e-commerce GMS

#1 credit card

by shopping GTV
Bank Icon

#1 online bank

by # of accounts

#1 online brokerage

by # of accounts

#1 travel app

by MAU

#1 loyalty points program

Rakuten is now transforming telecom

Our approach is radically different from traditional telecom, starting with digitalizing all business processes—from planning, deployment, operations and moving into one  platform and philosophy.

With software driven cloud-native networks, continuous overlap and interplay are the foundation.
Telecom is no longer a static operating model but continuously adjusts based on customer needs of the moment.

Those that adjust the fastest will have the best network performance, the least cost, and  time to market advantage — fostering the most sustainable and energy-efficient networks.
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