Webscale platform for metal-service automation and orchestration

Automate with as-a-service deployment and management of RAN, packet core and MEC

Centrally manage hundreds of thousands of CNF and VNF capable Kubernetes clusters on a single Kubernetes platform

Deploy your complete solution stack in minutes at any edge, far-edge, and core data center

Monitor, plan, heal and view dependencies between HW/SW, services and connectivity

Bring cloud agility to your bare-metal infrastructure and automate lifecycle management tasks

Multi-cluster-aware and can simultaneously run in multiple data centers

Bring up an entire cell site in minutes with zero-touch deployment and configuration automation

Advanced MOPs, monitoring and planning tools with multitenancy and roles-based access

Absolute freedom!

Empower your developers, DBAs, and data scientists to deploy any application pipeline from a self-service app store in minutes.

Symcloud Orchestrator architecture

Combining app-aware storage, virtual networking,
and application workflow automation on Kubernetes.
Symcloud Orchestrator architecture

Data sheets

Symcloud Storage


Symcloud Storage brings advanced storage and data management to any Kubernetes running distribution on premises or in any cloud. Symcloud Storage seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes native administrative tooling such as Kubectl, Helm Charts, and Operators through standard APIs, CLI and an easy-to-use GUI. Developers and DevOps teams can deploy Symcloud Storage as a standard Kubernetes operator.

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Symcloud Platform


Symcloud Platform is a superior Kubernetes cloud platform that runs both containers and Virtual Machines (VM), built from the ground up to outperform incumbent cloud solutions, provide industry leading features and flexibility, with unprecedented ease-of-use and automation.

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Symcloud Orchestrator


Symcloud Orchestrator's hyperautomation orchestrates and manages the life-cycles of your bare-metal infra, 3rd party appliances, Virtual Network Functions (NVFs), Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNFs) and service chains, with built-in logging, monitoring and policy engine, for closed loop automation that is managed through a single pane of glass.

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Enabling the industry's first fully cloud-native 5G architecture for Rakuten Mobile Inc.

Case Study

As one of the world’s pioneering telecom players, Rakuten Mobile’s vision was to build a network that enables massive scale-outs and accelerated rollouts. Using SymcloudTM, Rakuten Mobile deployed a large-scale, in-production 5G network that would serve millions of subscribers while keeping costs significantly lower. This resulted in an outstanding 40% reduction in Capex and over 30% reduction Opex, where many tasks that once took weeks were done in minutes.

Bring hyperautomation and agility to your hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications

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