Network Observability

Unlock end-to-end network visibility with real-time actionable insights 

Powered by AI-driven data insights, predict, identify, and quickly resolve service-impacting problems and network outages.

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The Challenges

Modern telco networks are highly complex and diverse, encompassing a wide range of technologies, network functions, and services. Monitoring these networks requires deep visibility across various layers, including infrastructure, virtualized elements, and network services. Although there are several general-purpose cloud observability tools available, they often lack the necessary features and capabilities to specifically address the intricacies of telco networks.

The Solution

Rakuten's Network Observability solution is an enterprise-grade platform that provides actionable insights through real-time visibility of both cloud-native and traditional telco stacks. With the capability to identify new insights and generate novel, relevant data, it facilitates aggregating, correlating and analyzing a steady stream of data from distributed applications and the entire network they run on. This enables more effective monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging of applications and network elements, ultimately improving quality (network downtime/SLAs), accelerating transformation, reducing opex while enhancing customer experience. 


Benefits of Rakuten Network Observability

Full Stack Observability

The capacity to integrate and process telemetry from any source, combined with real-time visualization and analysis, enables quicker and more responsive service assurance.

Telco-centric Observability Platform

Address the unique monitoring and management needs of telecom networks, services, and infrastructure components.

Democratized Integration

Enable seamless integration through standard-based data exchange, facilitating the effortless collection of data from diverse sources.

Cross Stack Visibility 

Offer a holistic view of the entire cloud infrastructure across multiple layers of the stack from infrastructure to applications, empowering telcos to effectively manage and optimize their resources, ensuring performance, reliability, and security.

Rakuten Network Observability Solution Architecture

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