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Introducing Rakuten AI for Telecom.
Designed for mobile experts. Tailored for operations. Built to deploy models swiftly and securely.
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Enabling telecom experts to be AI leaders

Rakuten AI for Telecom offers intuitive tools for telecom experts across domains and teams to collaborate around, centralize and streamline mobile operator data management and AI modeling processes. It fully supports both traditional predictive AI and generative AI models.
The platform is built for speed, efficiency, and agility. Initial install takes just two hours and data can be integrated and governed from any source, public or private. Datasets from most telecom vendors are ready to be ingested.
Battle Tested
2 years
for 5G site deployment instead of days/months
Endlessly Applicable
proven use cases from hundreds of users
Easy to Deploy
scaling of scare data science competence
Infinitely Scalable
petabytes of data and growing
Data Management
customizable for your real world needs

Real World Use Cases

With outcomes that bolster your bottom line
AI Network Assistant
AI-powered network assistant automates tasks and aids network operations. It helps NOC engineers troubleshoot and resolve service issues, ensuring expert-level problem-solving anytime and handling multiple outages simultaneously.

AI Network Assistant

AI Process Mining
AI-based process mining analyzes and optimizes business processes, creating a dynamic digital twin for efficiency and productivity improvements while identifying and eliminating hidden inefficiencies.

AI Process Mining

AI Energy Savings
AI-driven energy savings analyze consumption data to identify optimization opportunities, such as adjusting power states and combining workloads. Our system analyzes the entire network, ensuring interconnected components are active only when needed, maximizing efficiency.

AI Energy

AI Real-time RAN Management
AI-guided trace analytics, along with Coverage and Capacity Optimization (CCO) algorithms and rApps, analyze network traffic data for problem identification and troubleshooting, optimizing network performance for an optimal customer experience.

AI Real Time
RAN Management

AI TCO Manager
AI-centric Network Investment Planner predicts future network needs using data analysis, enabling telecom providers to make informed investment decisions and optimize network infrastructure.

AI TCO Manager

AI Death to Dashboards
AI-augmented transformation converts dashboard data into actionable insights, enabling telecom providers to make better decisions with personalized "infinite dashboards" and intents tailored to each person's specific needs and goals.

AI Death to Dashboards

AI Pre-emptive Assisted Resolution
AI-assisted anomaly detection with FCAPS+ analyzes data from Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security systems to identify potential network problems and eliminates the need for rule-based configurations, enabling pre-emptive issue resolution.

AI Preemptive Assisted Resolution

AI Post-Issue Resolution
AI-optimized data analysis enables automatic RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and NBR (Next Best Resolution) in incident management, identifying problem root causes and suggesting optimal resolutions for efficient issue resolution.

AI Post-Issue Resolution

AI Pair Automation
AI-enabled automation scripting for NOC tasks improves efficiency and accuracy, enabling the creation of "dark NOCs" where network operations run autonomously without human intervention.

AI Pair

Fine-tuned telecom AI data modeling

Reduce time to value from months to days
Telecom data integration demands federated governance that enables ownership, exposure and data access to be controlled by different companies with different interests. Rakuten AI for Telecom features a secure data integration and governance layer allowing the data owner to retain control and manage access permissions as needed.
Rakuten AI For Telecom benefits from inheriting leadership for all model implementations from Rakuten AI, Rakuten Group’s AI initiative spanning across more than 70 companies. All benefits and best practices of Rakuten AI’s global strategic partnerships with OpenAI and others benefit Rakuten AI For Telecom and our data modeling.

Seeing is Believing

Seem too good to be true? See Rakuten AI for Telecom in action!

Large-Scale Telecom AI Deployments

Powered by Rakuten AI, in April 2018, Rakuten Mobile launched the world’s first fully virtualized mobile network in Japan. This open, software-centric, and cloud-native architecture reduced capital and operation costs while offering flexible service plans and cutting-edge technology.
energy savings through AI models

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