Automated Service Desk

Ensure robust governance for service assurance through a centralized platform

Empower teams for efficient ticket management and obtain real-time insights into network and customer incidents.

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The Challenges

The absence of integration among multiple vendor tools for intelligent network service assurance often results in data loss, unclear reporting, and the need for constant switching between applications for data collation and visualization. Manual ticketing, undefined roles, accountability issues, and disjointed communication channels can impede collaboration, causing redundancy and errors.

The Solution

Rakuten's Automated Service Desk solution adheres to ITIL and BPMN 2.0 standards, streamlining and automating business processes to help telecom operators overcome challenges caused by a lack of standards. It enhances root cause analysis (RCA), shortens mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to resolve (MTTR), and supports a variety of operational and business processes, demonstrating its versatile features and domain-agnostic capabilities.


Benefits of Rakuten Automated Service Desk

Governed Service Assurance

Ensure network service assurance is complemented with governance, providing policies, procedures, and controls to guarantee the reliable provisioning of telecom services  in compliance with the defined SLAs.

Boosting IT Efficiency

Automate ticket creation, prioritization, and resolution based on predefined conditions, while also managing issue escalation. This enhances service assurance, ensuring swift and one-time issue resolution for streamlined network problem management.

Business Decision Automation

Utilize AI and automation to improve your ITSM system, streamlining tasks, improving accuracy, and accelerating issue resolution. Additionally, enable proactive issue identification, data analysis, efficient knowledge management, and continual system improvement for cost savings.

Knowledge Management

Deliver a concise, unified database for swift access to proven solutions and workarounds for network problems. With automated playbooks, it offers fast and efficient operational responses, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Rakuten Automated Service Desk Solution Architecture

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