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The Challenges

Network operators often have multiple systems and tools that are not integrated, leading to data fragmentation and siloed operations. This makes it difficult to gain a holistic view of the network design and its performance, leading to inefficiencies in decision-making. In addition, site management processes, such as candidate selection, acquisition, permission, and construction, are often manual and time-consuming, further contributing to inefficiencies and delays.

The Solution

Rakuten's Site Lifecycle Management solution leads the way in wireless and wireline build-out, offering a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the entire lifecycle of telecom sites. From initial planning to the final roll-out, this innovative solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and digital workflows to facilitate efficient network deployment and management. Tailored to meet the evolving demands of the telecom industry, discover the future with a solution that efficiently tackles challenges, ensuring your business stays ahead in the fast-paced telecom landscape.


Benefits of Rakuten Site Lifecycle Management

Automated Site Candidate Selection

Automate the evaluation and selection of the best RF candidate from multiple options against a nominal site, simplifying the planning process and reducing repetitive tasks for the RF planner.

Network Rollout Program Management

Facilitate near real-time insights into the network deployment lifecycle management by providing timeframe-based job and task tracking, along with forecasting capabilities.

Automation & Digitization 

Eliminate fragmented automation by integrating various deployment processes into a cohesive framework, digitizing all network assets to accelerate the end-to-end network deployment lifecycle, streamline operations and enhance efficiency. 

Network Testing & Site Acceptance

Seamlessly conduct network drive testing with NetPulse, utilizing  cutting-edge automation, cloud-based post-processing, and a library of predefined drive test scripts for accelerated site certification and acceptance.

Rakuten Site Lifecyle Management Solution Architecture

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