Service  Management & Orchestration

Open RAN automation platform for lifecycle management and orchestration 

Automate lifecycle management of network functions and services with standard API support and cloud-native architecture for integrated operations.

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Service Management & Orchestration
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The Challenges

Today's telecom networks, extending from data centers to edge locations, are inherently complex. Existing network management and orchestrator solutions operate in isolation, lacking end-to-end automation and requiring custom integration across platforms. This fragmented setup contributes to operational inefficiencies, hampers end-to-end visibility, leading to delays, elevated costs, and customer dissatisfaction.

The Solution

Rakuten's  Service  Management & Orchestration solution  offers a platform capable of managing the complexity of provisioning and overseeing numerous connected network functions across multiple data centers and distributed edge locations in a multi-vendor, multi-cloud environment. It delivers exceptional services, optimizes resources and operational cost. With integrated  closed-loop service assurance capabilities it enables easy maintenance and network upgrades.


Benefits of Rakuten Service Mgmt. & Orchestration

Rapid Service Deployment

End-to-end  ZTP feature of SMO enables configuration, instantiation and provisioning of a large number of network services in minutes, compared to days and hours in traditional  setups. Continuous monitoring and assurance provide the latest status of the network, allowing swift error rectification in an automated manner.

Vendor Neutrality

Built on cloud-native architecture, the SMO solution complies with relevant 3GPP, ORAN and TMF standards. The standardized protocols enable multi-vendor and cloud interoperability, empowering operators to choose best-in-class components, avoid vendor lock-ins, and promote innovation.

Reduced Opex

With automated configuration and optimization, network operators can minimize the need for manual intervention, resulting in reduced operational expenses. ORAN SMO also facilitates proactive issue detection and resolution, decreasing the reliance on reactive troubleshooting.

AI-driven Decision Making

Built-in AI/ML capability, the system analyzes vast amounts of network data, empowering intelligent decision-making, performance anomaly identification, assessment of configuration impact on network quality, potential network issue prediction, and recognition of resource utilization patterns. 

Rakuten Service Mgmt. & Orchestration Solution Architecture

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