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2023: Rakuten Symphony’s year of chasing trophies

Shinjini Sengupta
Product Launch Manager
Rakuten Symphony
December 14, 2023
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As we bid farewell to 2023, it is time to reflect on some of the outstanding achievements Rakuten Symphony accomplished during the year. Winning top industry awards in categories such as best platform to best cloud solution, we have been reshaping telecom and winning accolades from some of the most prestigious organizations in the industry.

Building on momentum from the previous year, Rakuten Symphony started the year strong bringing home two of the industry’s most coveted honors at the GSMA Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards. This year at MWC Barcelona 2023, Rakuten Symphony was recognized for “Best Network Software Breakthrough” and “Best Cloud Solution.” At one of the most renowned mobile industry events where even a shortlist mention is considered an achievement, securing two awards is no small feat.

GLOMO Awards 2023 ceremony

Our Symworld automation platform continued to gain recognition in the industry. Among the other prominent honors was a win for the best example of a Disaggregated Networking Solution at the FutureNet World Awards in May and another win in October at the FutureNet Asia Awards in the Automation Solution category, recognizing our platform as the leading solution for network automation deployed in APAC. To add to that, Rakuten Symphony with Rakuten Mobile also won for our Symworld Cloud-Native Network Automation Framework & Platform as part of the GTI Awards. Rakuten Symphony has proven in the past few years that it can provide tough competition to even the best contenders in the industry.

FutureNet World 2023 award ceremony

With a whopping seven wins and notable industry recognitions, 2023 was the year for Rakuten Symphony’s Symcloud offering. This began in January with our win at the Juniper Research - Future Digital Awards for Network Virtualisation Innovation of the Year. This was followed by the GLOMO award and then a win in the Cloud Computing Product of the Year category at the TMC awards in March. Finally, in November, we wrapped up the year on a high note with a resounding win for the Most Innovative Vendor Cloud Offering at the’s Glotel awards.

Glotel 2023 awards ceremony

Moreover, Symcloud Storage was recognized in GigaOm's Radar report on K8s Cloud Native Storage report as the leader and outperformer for the 4th consecutive year. Symcloud platform has also been mentioned in STL Partners’ list of “100 edge companies to watch in 2023.”

This awards recap would be incomplete without giving fitting recognition to the Rakuten Symphony executives who were recognized for their achievements. Partha Seetala was honored with the Most Influential Person in Cloud 2023 by Silverlinings followed by the Stevie Awards where he was awarded the Gold Stevie Winner in the Thought Leader of The Year - Business Products. In addition, Nastasi Karaiskos was named in the Power 50 by the Mobile Industry Awards, ranking among the most influential individuals in the UK mobile industry.

As we reflect on this celebratory year, we want to emphasize that each accolade earned is a testament to the hard work and collaborative efforts of all members of Rakuten Symphony, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and mutual support. Looking into the future, we hope for even greater accomplishments and breakthroughs as Rakuten Symphony continues to shape the future of the industry.

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