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Introducing the "Covered" Newsletter

Paul Black
VP, Global Product Marketing
Rakuten Symphony
November 2, 2022
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A publication dedicated to sharing how we have solved problems and reinvented the previous working models to create completely different outcomes. Each edition will feature inside stories on the solutions we are using, how they work and why they are designed the way they are.

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I have been working in the telecoms industry for as long as I can remember, and it has constantly been about change and keeping up with demand. The cellular handset was once a "nice to have" and quickly became a "must-have" essential to even a fashion statement. We were now capable of being in contact, and contactable 24/7 as demand for voice and SMS services ran rapidly through our communities.

Then data became ubiquitous, and the rise of smartphones became a lifestyle choice, now required to be "Always on." Newly developed apps created a whole new ecosystem, solutions and communications that once seemed light-years away could now be accessed directly anytime and anywhere.

However, this is where telecoms slowed down, and data access became secondary to the solutions and services being delivered on top. As a result, hyperscalers and over-the-top (OTT) providers now dominate market demand, and access services provided by telecom operators are merely business enablers.

In many ways, telecom operators have yet to evolve as quickly as they should have, and opportunities have passed them by. As a result, many operations are still being run the same way as in 2G and 3G: multiple processes, silo-driven and resource intensive.

In this newsletter, we will share our learnings, insights and experiences from running the world's first fully virtualized at scale Open RAN network. A journey that all in the industry will undertake in the coming years.

Please subscribe and I hope you enjoy. I look forward to your feedback.

Paul Black, Managing Editor

What is covered by "Covered"?

  • We Plan
  • We Build
  • We Operate

Every single aspect of a telecom operator's network activities is covered under plan, build and operate.

The fundamental basics include designing the best possible solution to giving optimum coverage and capacity in a given geographical location, building out that location, and onwards to acceptance and integration into a network capable of delivering assured service quality to customers.

We have some fundamental core beliefs: telecom operators need to be quicker, more adaptable and more efficient in delivering services to their customers. The key to achieving this is by cloud, data and automation. To be scalable, adaptable and quick to change with data-driven insights, delivering business value with prediction will help revolutionize operations.

Service experience and customer experience are the most significant mandates an operator must deliver on and maintain regulatory obligations, customer rights and security.

The Rakuten Symphony approach will give you insights into how we have approached planning, building and operating a network that is adaptable to today's needs and scalable for tomorrow's future.

We have you Covered.

Future of Telecom

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