Automated Service Desk

Delivering a new generation of automated, intelligent network incident response and management. One that significantly reduces the time and effort taken to bring operational network issues to a successful resolution.
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Service Desk


Purpose-built to truly deliver next generation experiences

MTTR reduction TCO reduction Improve CX

Service Desk Operations and Network Service Assurance

Operators must elevate service assurance to a new level with real-time visibility across customer and network operations enabling a more comprehensive understanding of service degradation and outages with governance comprising the following:

  • Service Management
  • Automation
  • Governance for Service Assurance
  • Cloud Native Architecture
  • Service Level Management
  • Integration
  • Native Support for Knowledge Base
  • Customization and Configuration

Symworld Platform:
Essential Data and Capabilities in One Place

Rakuten Symphony's approach meets operator needs in solving their challenges with a solution that fits a solid and proven platform for network rollout automation.

Outcomes, Delivered

Automated Trouble Tickets Created for Network Incidents
How? Open APIs Enabling Seamless Integrations
Reduction in Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)
How? Automation & Goverance
Reduction in Response Time
How? Automation & Governance
Application Availability
How? High Availability Application Architecture
Monthly Active Users
How? Easy to Understand UX and Higher Adoption
Volume of Tickets Supported
How? Hyperscalability

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