Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub consolidates all assets of the Symworld application into a holistic view to offer easier management of organizational assets. The solution makes it easier for users with an ease of information to enhance the interactions with the application and strengthen the business processes.

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Knowledge Hub

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined collaboration of organizational knowledge base
  • Real-time and personalized interaction through a virtual assistant
  • Articles, playbooks and categories creation
  • Configurable APIs

Knowledge Hub comprises a centralized repository where plenty of data can be stored, shared and accessed. It distributes information into playbook, articles, categories and provides the users with a virtual assistant i.e., Lina. The solution allows members to view, review, comment and edit assets as per role-based permissions.

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The Symbiz solution is comprised of apps that work as a single destination to scale learning and employee effectiveness inside any organization with complex operational needs. This enables employees to provide consolidated customer support and trouble ticket resolution across complicated underlying systems.

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