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Rakuten Symphony Solution Automates 90% of Incident Response and Resolutions

February 22, 2023
  • Automated Service Desk solution automates trouble-to-resolution process for 90% of network incidents.
  • Cuts meantime to resolve (MTTR) by 39% and response times by 36%.
  • Harmonizes and accelerates the data flow from network operational incidents to faster response and resolution via common capabilities from the Symworld™ Platform.
  • Symworld™ Automated Service Desk is developed by Rakuten Symphony Intelligent Operations Business Division.

TOKYO, February 22 2023 - Rakuten Symphony, Inc., today announced the general availability of its Symworld™ Automated Service Desk solution, which can automatically manage the entire lifecycle of 90% of network incidents in a mobile network.

Customer experience is paramount, and operators are looking for proactive and faster identification and resolution of issues in near real-time in their networks. The Automated Service Desk solution complements and accelerates the identification and resolution of network incidents by automating common tasks and workflows, ticket routing, and resolution. 

“Mismanagement of critical incidents is often a result of a poor governance framework. Symworld Automated Service Desk enables efficient and proactive incident management by implementing the right measures at the right steps/checkpoints to maintain accountability, the integrity of data, and faster resolution,” says Narendra Narayana, President, Intelligent Operations Business Unit and Managing Director & President of Rakuten Symphony India.

The solution empowers incident response teams using automation and AI to help telecom deliver end-to-end service management that meets Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 standards. Streamlining and automating business processes aids telecom operators in addressing challenges brought on by a lack of standards by ensuring enhanced root cause analysis (RCA), mean time to acknowledge (MTTA), and mean time to resolve (MTTR).

The solution complements Rakuten Symphony Service Assurance, combining near real-time Root Cause Analysis and Next Best Action functions to deliver modernized monitoring, managing, network change management.

The Symworld™ Assurance and Governance solution comprises the following:

  • Service Desk — Gives the operations team the tools they need to resolve low to medium-impact incidents such as network alarms, configuration changes, and other network problems daily and perform activities. For more information see here.
  • Knowledge Hub — A single source of truth, a centralized repository to store, share and access all information across the organization. It consolidates all business assets into a holistic view to offer simplified management of all organizational assets: static articles, dynamic playbooks, and a virtual assistant, all in one product. For more information see here.

Like all Rakuten Symphony Intelligent Operations solutions, the Symworld Automated Service Desk solution leverages the scalable, cloud-native Symworld Platform to streamline the complex mesh of support systems and custom integrations that all operators have accumulated. This helps telecom operators scale faster as the cloud sets the pace for speed, innovation, and network expectations. Symworld Platform allows for seamless integration between products within the Service Desk and Knowledge Hub products and all other Symworld applications to leverage the power of data and automation to drastically reduce the time to respond and resolve network trouble tickets.

The Symworld Automated Service Desk solution is deployed and delivering automation on the world’s largest Open RAN network with over 300,000 cells managed by a team of only 250 people.

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