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Simplifying cellular site operations for field engineers via task automation

Mayank Kanik
Product Manager
Rakuten Symphony
November 23, 2022
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Gone are the days when the only way for field engineers to receive task details was via emails or phone calls, which was inefficient, resulting in duplication of efforts. Today these problems have found their solution in the highly automated mobile solution of Symconnect from Rakuten Symphony Symworld™ suite of products wherein field engineers are provided details of their respective tasks through in-app task notifications. It also eliminates the prerequisite of carrying a laptop to the site as it enables offline task execution which does not require network access.

Field technician procedures

Automating Cell Site Operations

One of the major problems was the need for more alignment between project and field teams. Symconnect bridges this gap by offering harmonization and centralized access to acknowledge base, allowing technicians to act proactively with minimal errors, resulting in timely delivery. Symconnect also addresses the approach of paper-based manual field data collection wherein field engineers had to first collect the data from sites and then head back to the office to do manual entry of the data. This is made possible with dynamic forms associated with tasks, helping data collection and eliminating manual entries in the system, resulting in reduced total time and errors.

The flexibility of having a mobile device-based application continues to enrich the life of the field engineers as we have continued to address the challenges faced in site management.

Mobile-enabled field tech force is the answer to quick network deployment and reduced time to market.

Even the need to carry cell site access permission letters is gone, and the problem of engineers getting lost on the route is removed with in-app navigation and geo-tagging, as it is all included in the Symconnect app.

Rakuten Symphony Symconnect

Mobile-enabled field tech force is the answer to quick network deployment and reduced time to market, eliminating all the time coordinating with the field crew. This is what we deliver with Symconnect.

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