The journey

through automation

to autonomy.

Symworld Platform

A single platform, where all operational data sits powering real-time AI driven feedback loops for continuous workflow improvements.

In the platform, automation enablement scales to the size of the wanted business rather than being limited by the operational headcount.

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Today’s operators can achieve business outcomes that matter through a single, uniquely capable platform, ecosystem, and a flexible, open, incremental engagement process.

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The telecom industry has spent decades and billions in endless projects to integrate the uniquely complex environments that every telecom operator has gradually accumulated. It’s about time operators had an industry solution for industry challenges.

In the hyperscale and 5G era, merely spending more on integration isn’t possible, and won’t work. Symworld turns this outdated model on its head.

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A single, unified cloud for all software, using COTS hardware.
Disaggregated, cloud-native software functions (Core, RAN, IMS and RCS).
A data-centric architecture that combines all operational data – customer, service and network, as well as third party sources.
Common analytics and AI capabilities accessible to any app that needs them.
A modern, industrial-scale automation platform explicitly built for telecom with the ability of seamless integration to create a cloud-native marketplace.
Open interfaces allowing operators to add in capabilities from across the market – the very opposite of lock-in.
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