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QR and barcode scanning simplifying the data collection process: a Symconnect story

Shinjini Sengupta
Product Launch Manager
Rakuten Symphony
December 20, 2022
minute read

Any telecom network rollout undergoes an inspection which begins when the installation activities have been completed. This is carried out on a per-site basis and comprises the validation and acceptance of deployed sites. One of the most crucial steps in this activity is inventory tracking and QR/Barcode capturing of the installed equipment.

Material scanning can seem like a straightforward task; unfortunately, that is not the case. But with Symconnect, it can be. The solution eliminates the need for field engineers to possess pre-requisite knowledge and expertise of the make and model of the equipment by providing them with dynamic forms with pre-defined equipment information. Due to this feature, there will no longer be any chance of a mismatch between the equipment and serial number in the inventory.

Automating cellular site equipment data collection

Field engineers simply need to capture the QR (Quick Response) code and press submit; all the information will automatically be uploaded to the central repository, eradicating previous requirements of manual entries. Moreover, this intuitive solution ensures all equipment at the site is scanned so there is no room for any missing equipment. It makes sure of this by not allowing field engineers to complete this activity without scanning each piece of equipment.

Automating this entire scanning process and, as a result, simplifying the process by removing any manual processes, has significantly helped operators reconcile the amount of inventory used in the field; it has made it easier for them to calculate how much equipment was bought and how many were installed at the site.

With the power of Symconnect’s QR and Barcode feature, a complicated process like material scanning has been transformed and made error-free, simplifying the lives of field engineers and operators daily.

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