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Open RAN 5G energy savings: New best practices white paper now available

October 3, 2023
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As more and more Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) look to reduce energy consumption to drive a decrease in greenhouse gases, industry leaders are rethinking the way networks are built and run.

Fortunately, a number of best practices are emerging for how to manage energy consumption in 5G Open RAN. Rakuten Symphony has published a white paper that gives MNO managers a roadmap to better network sustainability.

The white paper begins by identifying the radio unit (RU) as the biggest consumer of energy in the network and then focuses on a number of best practices for reducing RU power consumption, including through O-Cloud and RU power optimization, as well as the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and energy management platforms.

The white paper — which was written to help MNOs cut their energy costs without impacting service levels or other key KPIs — concludes with four recommendations for how to approach the challenge of energy management that you won't want to miss.

Download the white paper today to get started on your critical energy savings journey.

"Best Practice Approach for Reducing System Level Energy Consumption in 5G Open RAN"

Energy management for mobile network operators
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