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It's time for telecom to embrace software

Ayaka Takeuchi
Marketing Specialist
Rakuten Symphony
February 24, 2023
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The fundamental way that telecom builds networks has remained constant for the past 40 years. On the contrary, other critical infrastructure industries sought transformation to stay ahead of ever-growing demand and modernity—why aren’t we?  

Rakuten Symphony is reimagining telecom with Mobile as a Software™, an approach that’s 100% digitalized and proven. Our latest video highlights CEO Tareq Amin’s pioneering vision.  

Mobile as a Software™ 

Applying our expertise, learnings and capabilities as an internet software company, we are leading telecom to a software-centric mindset. Leveraging automation, agile design and innovation, you can reimagine: 

  • Operations  
  • Open RAN 
  • Cloud  
  • Infrastructure  
  • Ecosystem 
  • Security  
  • Sustainability  

It’s not hype—join the reality  

Leveraging our Mobile as a Software™ approach we helped deploy the world’s largest open mobile network in Rakuten Mobile Inc. We hope you join us, along with our partners, to transform your telecom business and trajectory of the industry as a whole.

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