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How We Turn Information into Knowledge: A Knowledge Hub Story

Ahmed Abdelaziz
Vice President Automation, Rakuten Symphony
Rakuten Symphony
December 20, 2022
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Efficiently managing information within an organization is complex. Turning that information into shared common knowledge is even more complicated. In fact, if each piece of information is an individual piece of a puzzle, then shared knowledge is the completed puzzle.

Knowledge is power; I have heard this countless times and have come across individuals who hoard knowledge to establish themselves as indispensable. However, what happens when people get sick, go on holiday or simply leave, creating a "knowledge void" due to the years of experience they have accumulated?

Weaving a proactive knowledge solution into your company’s DNA is key

Excel and Word are often used to share information but frequently are challenging to categorize and index for fast retrieval. In fact, there are several potential points of failure to justify why a proactive knowledge solution needs to be interwoven into a company's DNA. After all, knowledge is only power when shared and accessed across the organization.

Rakuten Symphony Knowledge Hub is fully integrated into the Rakuten Symphony Symworld platform with access to all network data, alerts, faults and performance issues in a central repository that builds a complete picture of network operations and performance. Along with this information, the technical operations team has devised and created playbooks for every eventuality for incidents and trouble tickets. This ensures collective and shared knowledge disseminates the correct information for the right problem.

The Lina advantage

Using our virtual assistant (Lina), you can interrogate for any previously analyzed issue. Lina will go step by step through the problem with clearly defined flow charts, instructions and executable commands on the procedure to enable a swift resolution of incidents. The proactive assistant can help fill out (auto-fill) information at any stage, allowing you to open another ticket, run a script and direct you to the right template. Every step is considered, and the playbooks that involve a virtual assistant ensure incidents are tracked and resolved quicker and better.

Using the virtual assistant (Lina), users can interrogate for any previously analyzed issue.

Every problem or issue must follow the same approach, and tickets cannot be closed until the playbook has been updated or created on how every single issue has been resolved.

This simplified advancement using the Knowledge Hub and a virtual assistant has dramatically improved ticket resolution, change procedures and business procedures; it completes a puzzle that encapsulates that shared knowledge is the true power of any organization.

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