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Automated Site Management Solution – The Right Way

Paul Black
VP, Global Product Marketing
Rakuten Symphony
February 9, 2023
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Within Rakuten Symphony, we had a vision to deploy a mobile network at speed and at a fraction of the cost and build a seamless and expedited digital journey to execute and rollout in record time.

Existing site rollout is burdened with convoluted processes, teams working in silos, multi-vendor activities, and manual procedures, all adding to a frustrating experience with frequent delays and increased costs.

To eradicate the problems of the past and bring our vision to fruition, we created a centralized, unified solution built with automation, and intelligence, with data flowing seamlessly throughout every process, optimizing every phase and accelerating site deployment.

Not a single phase or process has been overlooked, from site design and acquisition through procurement to warehousing to the engineers on the actual site with a mobile device, ensuring a paperless and automated delivery into operations and maintenance.

The automated site management solution consists of three products to ensure every step of each phase is carried out to maximize the E2E process.

Site Manager

Site Manager provides complete network lifecycle services, including network design, planning, deployment, and network operations, with end-to-end visibility and automation of all site-related tasks.


A mobile app allowing site engineers to manage and report on-site build activities, integrated with the overall solution to provide instant access to the latest knowledge, avoid potential conflicts, and ensure data accuracy across operations.


Sympulse automates stationary and drive-by testing activities to ensure the site is ready for live operations.

Powered by the Symworld Platform to deliver the digital experience, data management, and workflow automation that will ensure end-to-end network rollout is done securely, efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively.

The site is the very beginning of network operations of a mobile network, and if you achieve success with automation at Day Zero, it can only lead to greater efficiency and cost savings on Day 1 and Day 2 of operations.

Learn more about the Site Management solution and how it can bring zero-touch provisioning at scale, which has reduced site commissioning times from weeks to minutes for rapid network builds at 30% lower operational cost.

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