Automated Site Lifecycle Management

Paving the way for operators to accelerate network deployment, reduce deployment costs, track deployment issues, and increase project insights through an off-the-shelf solution that can also handle future site maintenance activities.

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Solution Brief: Automated Site Lifecycle Management

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Automate Network Site Lifecycle and get 30% OPEX savings

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Paul Black explains how to rollout a network in record time with automated site lifecycle management.

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End to End Network Rollout Automation

Digitalization of the Network Rollout Process

To automate the end-to-end deployment process, have effective planning, accelerate the pace of project execution, enhance collaboration between teams, reduce time to market, and decrease deployment costs, CSPs need a practical solution that targets all these obstacles in any network deployment, one that provides:

  • End-to-End site rollout automation
  • Centralized data and process management
  • Scalable model for handling high volumes rollouts
  • Specialized app for a field tech
  • Workflow based process control
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Multi-domain deployment management
  • Real-time project intelligence
  • Ability for customization and configuration
  • Eliminate the paper-based approach
  • Ability to Monitor and Manage SLA
  • Automated drive testing

Symworld Platform:
Essential Data and Capabilities in One Place

Rakuten Symphony's approach meets operator needs in solving their challenges with a solution that fits a solid and proven platform for network rollout automation.

Outcomes, Delivered

The Rakuten Symphony Site Management solution helps telecom operators achieve the following key business outcomes:

  • Automate and accelerate the end-to-end site-build process from weeks to days through workflow automation and digitization of data collection.
  • Eradicate costs for multiple tools to manage the rollout of radio sites, data-centers, backhaul, and passive infrastructure.
  • Manage high-volume network rollouts with end-to-end visibility and automation.
  • Reduce operational costs by deploying fewer field personnel and optimizing resource utilization.
  • Change processes and workflows on the fly without impacting operations or derailing project schedules.
  • Help field technicians and project managers go completely paperless for surveys, acceptance data, checklists, and compliance reports.
  • Deploy on any cloud anywhere.
  • Standardize processes by creating templates for workflows, reports, and dashboards.
  • Achieve network performance goals by accurately measuring throughput, latency, and coverage.

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