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2022: an award-winning year for Rakuten Symphony

Shinjini Sengupta
Product Launch Manager
Rakuten Symphony
January 9, 2023
minute read

Rakuten Symphony is just over a year old and the awards have been stacking up: 12 awards in less than 12 months. In other words, it has been a big year. Let’s do a roundup of some of the highlights.

We started the year on a high note with a win at the GSMA Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards, one of the most prestigious accolades in the mobile industry. Even a shortlist nomination for the GLOMO awards indicates the companies to watch closely in the telecom sector. This year marked Rakuten Mobile’s second consecutive win at the GLOMO awards; this year, it was for the “Best Network Software Breakthrough” category based on its use of Rakuten Symphony Open RAN software in its 5G network in Japan.

2022 GLOMO Award Rakuten Mobile

Looking back over the previous year, Rakuten Symphony Symworld represented a key innovation for the company and the industry: This has manifested in the form of several awards. In June, we won the Platform award at the World Communication Awards. Then, September rolled in, and with it came two wins: one in the Automation category at the FutureNet Asia Awards (which also included an Orchestration Award for, now called Rakuten Symphony Unified Cloud Business) and the other at the Layer 123 Network Transformation Award for the Most Significant Disruptor (CSP) category. We ended the year on a celebratory note with a win in the Network Transformation Initiative category for Rakuten Symphony Symworld at the Asia Communication Awards.

Rakuten Symphony wins Network Transformation Award
Nastasi Karaiskos (center), Managing Director, Rakuten Symphony UK, accepts the Network Transformation Award

Other milestones include recognition from key partner Intel, who honored Rakuten Symphony with Platinum status as part of the Intel Network Builders Winners' Circle program, as well as recognition as Software Partner of the Year in the category of Innovation, as part of Intel North American Channel Partner of the Year Awards. Furthermore, Airspan and Rakuten Mobile received the Small Cell Forum Award, highlighting the use of Rakuten Symphony Open RAN software and Airspan small cell technology for deployment in Japan. Other Rakuten Symphony technologies including Open RAN software and Cloud platform were also recognized for innovation through the Glotel Awards and Leading Lights, along with many other shortlist considerations.

Rakuten Symphony named Intel Channel Partner of the Year
Rakuten Symphony CMO Geoff Hollingworth (left) accepts the Intel Channel Partner of the Year Award as Software Partner of the Year

Awards are an excellent motivator for budding companies like us; they encourage us to do better and drive us to strive higher to provide great service to our customers. This is only the beginning for Rakuten Symphony, and we have a long race to run. The year 2022 was a rollercoaster ride that only went up and we plan to maintain this momentum in the new year!

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