We are Symphony: A conversation with Jasmin Tiwari

February 7, 2024
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From the serene heights of Nepal to the tech center of Tokyo: Jasmin Tiwari, Project Manager at CICD Global Operations Department, shares her journey to Rakuten Symphony.

-Co-authored by Valeria Levantino and Jasmin Tiwari

Can you share a bit about your journey to Rakuten Symphony?

After finishing college back home in Nepal, I got the chance to join a Japanese government-funded research program. That’s what first brought me to Japan. I connected with Tokyo quite easily, I came to like the calmness that comes with the quiet train rides and the solo dining culture, the way people work, and all the edgy tech stuff happening around. It wasn’t long before I knew I wanted to stay and work here after my research gig. I was on the lookout for a job that would let me explore and grow.

That’s when Rakuten Symphony came into the picture, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I joined in December 2021 as a fresh grad, taking on the role of Software Engineer in an automation team. Our job was to make lengthy and repetitive operational tasks simple and fun through automated scripts. As I learned more, my curiosity nudged me towards project and program management. Soon enough, I got my chance. Within the org, they set up a brand new central DevOps Department to automate and standardize the deployment processes across the whole company, and I got an opportunity to be a part of it. It’s been just two years since, but we’ve grown so much and there’s no sign of slowing down.

Jasmin on a hiking trail overlooking the Himalayas
Jasmin on a hiking trail overlooking the Himalayas

What does a day in the life look like for you?

I’m with the CICD [Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment] Factory Department. Think of us as the go-to-folks for providing automated pipelines for application deployments and those crucial security integrations. We also set up CICD platform from the ground up. And once we get the core resources set up, we handle the ongoing maintenance and operations of these platforms. I manage multiple projects within this department. Our portfolio spans from in-house operations to bespoke solutions for Rakuten Symphony’s international clientele.

My day-to-day is all about getting these projects off the ground, maintaining resources, keeping an eye on daily progress, sorting out documentation and wrapping things up neatly. You’ll often find me on Zoom calls, discussing a whole range of subjects with different stakeholders to ensure everything moves smoothly.

What do you like to do in your free time to unwind and take a break from work

Apart from those lazy, rainy mornings when I hit the snooze button (because who doesn’t love extra sleep when it’s pouring?), I usually start my day off with some yoga. It’s gives me a daily dose of positivity that I bring into the workday. I also love travelling around Japan whenever I can. Whether it’s enjoying the relaxing vibes of Okinawa or waiting in line for over an hour in Hokkaido’s cold just to get some warm soup curry, these trips are a perfect way to unwind and recharge from work. Reading’s a big thing for me too. Right now, I’m deep into Russian Literature. I’ve recently been reading Dostoevsky and Chekhov. Next up for this year: diving into Gogol and Tolstoy.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto which inspires you?

Albert Camus, a writer I deeply admire, once said, “You will never be able to experience everything. So, please, do poetical justice to your soul and simply experience yourself.” I hold this quote pretty close to me. It encourages me to constantly explore and understand myself, especially how I respond to various situations. It also helps me let go of the need to control everything. Our experiences, whether in our daily lives, travels or relationships, may not always be what we expect. But learning and growing from them each day is what truly matters. I try to apply this both personally and professionally.

Watching a beautiful sunset on the Japanese island of Okinawa

What advice do you have for people considering joining Rakuten Symphony?

While Rakuten Symphony often gets the limelight for its cutting-edge tech and innovation, I’d like to mention something equally important: our workplace culture. Think of a place where your work environment is more than just a backdrop – it’s a catalyst for your growth. That’s what we have here at Rakuten Symphony. It’s where you can not only focus on what you love, but also pick up new skills and really see your career take shape.

I got the opportunity to step up as a program manager and it was a game-changer, made all the better by the amazing support system of my seniors. So, for those out there looking to mesh self-discovery with technology that’s changing the telecom world, Rakuten Symphony is your kind of place. Here, it’s all about making your mark in a way that’s uniquely you, and feeling valued while you’re at it.

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