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Rakuten Symphony Sympulse democratizing network testing

Mina Nicola
Vice Division Manager, RAN Business Unit
Rakuten Mobile
January 25, 2023
minute read

One of the most important pillars to improve the network quality and the customer experience is to continuously test the network, anywhere and anytime, to ensure customers receive the best quality. This is where Rakuten Symphony Sympulse can play a crucial role.  

The Sympulse application provides an easy and straightforward way to perform network testing, from basic speed tests and video quality checks to latency and web browsing experience, all at your fingertips from your phone.

Network Testing is not for drive test kits only 

In any buildout stage, either in the initial rollout or even in a mature network, you can empower your employees or customers to test the network and provide feedback. Everyone can strive to enhance the quality, and testing is not just restricted to specialized groups of people. The Sympulse application has democratized this testing process by offering this feature to anyone and everyone, allowing more scalable, cost-efficient and a more extensive reach for network testing. 

All test results are synced with the cloud-based Sympulse application engine and stored. It then goes into multiple AI algorithms that assist the technical team in reviewing, analyzing and deciding data-driven actions for network enhancement. 

With the right mindset and sense of ownership, and a simple and powerful product, employees and customers can help significantly improve network quality. A win-win for any operator.  

The Sympulse application has even been made available for free download via the App stores in Japan. 

Network health checks have just gotten better and smarter—welcome to Sympulse.

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