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International Roaming in Qatar during the world’s greatest sporting event: A Sympulse Story

Ahmed B Darwish
Sympulse Product Owner
Rakuten Symphony
December 7, 2022
minute read

Customer experience for international roamers is crucial for network operators. Rakuten Symphony's Sympulse allows mobile operators to monitor and improve roaming experience and network performance anywhere they are in the world.

The probe solution actively tests all international roaming experiences by generating authentic voice and data traffic, using a straightforward and easy-to-use user interface with a drag-and-drop recipe builder. Recipes can be built sequentially to create work orders that simulate user experiences such as network attach/detach, voice calls, video calls, web browsing, upload/download speed, YouTube video performance, latency and more. Once the work order is created, it can be assigned to any of the probes globally and once assigned, the probes will execute with all logs captured and stored on the cloud.

The impacts of an automated solution 

The fully automated post-processing starts automatically once new log data is stored on the cloud. The Post-Processing then parses the log messages captured by the probes and creates reports automatically, including all required radio KPIs. 

The main KPIs are visualized in different graph types and the probe's locations are plotted on a global map on the Sympulse Dashboard (WebUI), providing insights about radio network KPIs and simplifying the activity of probe monitoring. In addition, the probes can identify service outages through real-time reporting and notifications.

Simplicity sets Sympulse apart

The Sympulse probe solution's simplicity differentiates it from the competition. Moreover, being a software-centric solution built on the latest open-source cloud-native networks allows the product to be deployed, developed and scaled much faster than other hardware-centric solutions. This also helps reduce CAPEX and OPEX for testing international roaming.

The probe consists of cleverly designed boxes and a couple of smartphones installed with Sympulse, and we have deployed them at strategic points all over Qatar to ensure traveling supporters get the best possible experience while watching the world's greatest sporting event. 

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