Site Manager

Site Manager

Site Manager provides full network lifecycle services such as network design, planning, deployment and network operations. The solution provides end-to-end visibility and automation into all site related tasks. It reduces manual processes through an option of bulk upload of site data and assigns appropriate roles to initiate activities on the site. The network rollout lifecycle management solution manages the site activities, right from planning till operations.

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Site Manager

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive GIS map visualization of geographically distributed sites
  • Interactive site dashboard ensuring end-to-end visibility
  • Provides smart user role configuration
  • Performs tasks on mobile like material scanning, ATP’s, surveys, etc.

Integrated work orders leverage digital workflow services for configurable and high operations. Site Manager is a one-stop solution for managing site surveys, constructions, ATPs and other processes of all sites in the network.

A Part of

Plan & Build

The Plan & Build product family offers seamless network management, covering planning to deployment. It includes features for RF planning, optimization, drive testing, project management, and task tracking, ensuring efficient network planning and construction. Geospatial analytics and a network digital twin enhance the planning process, while drive test analysis provides real-world insights. Together, they guide telecom operators through the entire network lifecycle.

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