NetPulse collates multiple data inputs from consumers as well as enterprise users and generates interactive dashboards, customer experiences, and network performance analysis and reports for various tests executed using the collected data. It harnesses modern technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate comprehensive network analysis and a high-quality customer service.

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Key Benefits

  • Real-time network performance testing and analysis
  • Proactive decision-making with real-time business intelligence
  • Optimizes the network efficiency enabling organizations to compare and analyze the signal strength
  • Minimizes the bandwidth cost and maximizes network connectivity

NetPulse collates multiple data inputs and generates interactive dashboards, customer experiences, and network performance analysis.

A Part of

Plan & Build

The Plan & Build product family offers seamless network management, covering planning to deployment. It includes features for RF planning, optimization, drive testing, project management, and task tracking, ensuring efficient network planning and construction. Geospatial analytics and a network digital twin enhance the planning process, while drive test analysis provides real-world insights. Together, they guide telecom operators through the entire network lifecycle.

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