The Unofficial Guide to Telecoms

What telecommunications actually is


You might think of telecommunications as the technology that enables phone calls but in reality, it's so much more than this. Learn just how expansive and crucial this industry is to the world around you.

Ayaka Takeuchi
Marketing Specialist

What it takes to build a network


Setting up a telecom network is no easy feat - especially at the scale and speed that they're needed. Discover the four vital steps that will take your desire to build a network from aspiration to reality.

Kunal Agrawal
Senior Strategy Associate

What Rakuten Symphony is all about


At Rakuten, we strive to better empower society in every way we can and that means always looking out for ways to improve and advance. Get to know how Rakuten Symphony is doing that for telecoms.

Mamadu 'Basco' Bah
Deployment Automation VP, Cloud

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