RIC Platform

RIC Platform

Optimize, control, and enhance RANoperations with a cloud-native RIC platform, offering lowerTCO, multi-vendor interoperability support, and open innovation.

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RIC Platform

Key Benefits


•AutomatedRIC platforms cut operational costs by managing tasks such as configuration,fault detection, and resource optimization.

•Closed-loopautomation enables the network to adapt, optimize, and automatically resolveissues, resulting in enhanced network performance and user satisfaction.

•Real-time decision-making based on network conditions and user requirements ensures swift network adaptation to changes in demand or network conditions.

•Foster a multi-vendor ecosystem that allows operators to choose best-in-class solutions, promoting market competition and innovation.


A Part of


The Orchestrate product family provides a centralized solution for telecom, overseeing service setup, and optimizing network efficiency. It facilitates customized services through network slicing and optimizes radio resources. The unified orchestrator simplifies operations by combining service deployment, network slicing, and advanced control in one platform, supporting the telecom industry's growth.

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