There is something in the air – and it smells like Mobile as a Software™

Geoff Hollingworth
Chief Marketing Officer
Rakuten Symphony
March 3, 2023
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Another Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has come to an end. Here is our Rakuten Symphony recap.

For the first time in many years, there was a distinct absence of the "5G is the answer" chant. The silence that echoed in the void asked the question: if 5G is not the answer, then what is?

We must rethink how we do our business. This was reinforced by a massive interest in Open RAN, automation and cloud. All three overlap and interplay, and successful implementation results in a modern software stack that allows competition at cost, speed and agility at equity with all competitors around us. We can then play ball as the internet evolves into being governed, safe and distributed. All attributes that feed into our industry strengths.  

At Rakuten Symphony, we call this journey Mobile as a Software™

We made some important announcements at the show and were also recognized differently this year.

In Open RAN, we announced Symware v2.0: the fourth generation of the Intel Xeon processor, now with an embedded accelerator. This delivers 3x the capacity for less power with a smaller footprint. 2023 is a tipping point when COTS silicon equals and exceeds proprietary hardware. Combined with using the completely open-source Rocky Linux as the real-time operating system and Symworld platform automation, it gives unprecedented performance, economics of fleet management and accelerated rollout.

In our industrialized automation platform, Symworld™, we launched three new solutions:

  • 4x productivity boost for Radio Access Network (RAN) planning
  • Automated network site lifecycle management for 30% OPEX savings
  • Automated service desk solution that automates trouble-to-resolution process for 90% of network incidents, cutting MTTR by 39% and response times by 36%
  • Automated service assurance for up to 70% decrease in configuration mistakes, 30% reduction in open trouble tickets, 20%-40% improvement in resource efficiency and 99% success in meeting SLA (Service Level Assurance) targets

We also take the latest innovations from outside the industry and apply the advances as quickly as possible in telecom. For example, the Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) allows kernel-level modifications to Linux in a real-time scalable, safe, plug-and-play manner, completely changing how we can solve for observability, security and performance analysis.

During the show, we released our white paper on "eBPF for Telco," where we introduce its potential for Telco cloud. We review some of the most promising use cases, pricing, and billing models applied to the utilization of this revolutionary technology and discuss the eBPF technical feasibility and business availability for current (5G) and future mobile communication networks.

Also, we announced 3 new customers:

And finally, we are really proud to win two GSMA GLOMO awards: 

2023 is the year telecom changes and that starts to take part in the modern era of technology. Time to leave the 40-year-old ways of working behind us and join this era of telecom transformation through Mobile as a Software!

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