Cloud-Native Orchestrator

Cloud-Native Orchestrator

Cloud-Native Orchestrator is a multi-domain, multi-site orchestrator that simultaneously orchestrates and manages the lifecycle of complex service delivery automation tasks spanning bare-metal servers, Kubernetes cloud platforms, Network Functions, Network Services, and any 3rd party physical/virtual device.

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Cloud-Native Orchestrator

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly scale out new services from test to production, ideal for a DevOps integration
  • Complex tasks that once took weeks, can now be accomplished in minutes
  • Combine multi-domain tasks into a single workflow, deployed 1-click-as-a-Service, from edge to core
  • Provides full solution stack monitoring, planning tools, troubleshooting tools and alarming, uniquely correlated behind a single pane of glass

All of this is automated and performed in a single, unified workflow, that scales to millions of elements from edge to core.

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Telecom’s No. 1 edge cloud is already proven, at scale. Rakuten solves the challenges in automating deployment, scaling and lifecycle management of enterprise applications and 5G rollouts using the power of Kubernetes and cloud-native services.

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