Cloud-Native Platform

Cloud-Native Platform

Cloud-Native Platform (CNP) is a best of breed Kubernetes platform that combines 1-click application onboarding with declarative, context-aware workload placement, pinning your NFs and services to automated policies.

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Cloud-Native Platform

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for edge deployments with ultra-low footprint, but can also scale up for large core deployments
  • Industry’s most efficient harmonization of VMs and containers on a single platform that eliminates operations silos and makes the most efficient use of resources
  • Massive time savings, easy to use, no expertise-required, policy driven automation, no more hunting for resources and no hardcoding
  • Advanced networking for edge and RAN applications

Just tell CNP what resources your service needs, then it auto-discovers and configures them for you, as per your custom policy, over its entire automated lifecycle of the service, add, stop, start, heal and migrate.

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Telecom’s No. 1 edge cloud is already proven, at scale. Rakuten solves the challenges in automating deployment, scaling and lifecycle management of enterprise applications and 5G rollouts using the power of Kubernetes and cloud-native services.

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