Cloud-Native Storage

Cloud-Native Storage

Cloud-Native Storage is a best of breed software defined storage solution that supports stateful applications, with industry leading performance for network and storage intensive workloads.

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Cloud-Native Storage

Key Benefits

  • Set it and forget it application-storage awareness, providing snapshots, backup, clones, replication, encryption, compression, data rebalancing, with industry leading ease of use
  • Manages complex QoS and service level management dependencies
  • Bare metal performance for block, file and object storage
  • Supports NVME, disks and your existing storage arrays
  • Runs on any cloud-native platform, Kubernetes, distribution

Simply backing up storage is no longer adequate.  App-aware Cloud-Native Storage backs up more than just the data but also the meta-data, application and the Kubernetes constructs. App-aware Cloud-Native Storage is included as part of our Cloud-Native Platform.

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Telecom’s No. 1 edge cloud is already proven, at scale. Rakuten solves the challenges in automating deployment, scaling and lifecycle management of enterprise applications and 5G rollouts using the power of Kubernetes and cloud-native services.

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