Observability Framework

Observability Framework

Observability Framework is a monitoring system used for collecting, transforming and publishing data for performance, logs, events and fault collection. It is an integrated framework created using a curated open-source software, which is quality-assured, scale-tested and packaged for cloud-native deployments.

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Observability Framework

Key Benefits

  • Network wide performance view
  • Enabling network problems troubleshooting
  • SLA compliance monitoring
  • Historical and visual view of performance

Observability Framework helps to effectively monitor and troubleshoot issues to meet customer experience demands and business requirements. It is an extensible solution that provides logs analytics using multiple dashboards and alerting systems.

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The Operate product family ensures the reliability of telecom networks by detecting faults and performance issues, offering a comprehensive view of the entire network. It not only identifies problems but also automatically rectifies them, enhancing the network's dependability. Equipped with efficient network management tools, telecom operators can deliver the best-in-class service to their customers.

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