Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager

Inventory manager represents the entire network in terms of planned, deployed  services and resources (logical and physical). When new interfaces or network elements are introduced in the network, it provides the adaptation layer required to integrate and reconsolidate the new interface and the new network element.

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Inventory Manager

Key Benefits

  • Visualization of network resources (logical, physical and service)
  • Reporting of inventory data
  • Inventory reconciliation of network resources
  • Near real-time inventory data update

Discovery and reconciliation provides a model driven framework with a library of available network adapters and intelligent reconciliation algorithms and can also be extended through configuration or minimal coding.

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The Symbuild solution is comprised of apps that work to automate your journey from planning to managing and maintaining sites. With Symbuild, planning is automatically fed into inventory management and site commissioning is automatically updated with the scan of a barcode. All of this is provisioned across all radio configurations and types including macro, micro, indoor and femto.

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