Fault Monitor

Fault Monitor

Fault Monitor provides an automated mechanism to monitor and manage network-wide faults. The solution simplifies the process of network alert management by implementing advanced alert monitoring capabilities. It helps telecom operators to quickly identify the root cause of the problem before end-users notice it.

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Fault Monitor

Key Benefits

  • Real-time, centralized fault and alarm tracking
  • Intuitive alarm and network availability reports
  • Quick issue identification
  • Alarm correlation-based incident creation

Fault Monitor performs intelligent event processing in the case of network monitoring alerts. It correlates raw network events, filters unwanted events and presents only meaningful alarms to the operator.

A Part of


The Operate product family ensures the reliability of telecom networks by detecting faults and performance issues, offering a comprehensive view of the entire network. It not only identifies problems but also automatically rectifies them, enhancing the network's dependability. Equipped with efficient network management tools, telecom operators can deliver the best-in-class service to their customers.

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