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MWC Las Vegas 2022: Rakuten Symphony Brings Exec Speakers and a Focus on Business Outcomes

September 8, 2022

North America’s biggest mobile show comes to Las Vegas in a few short weeks. Rakuten Symphony will cut through the noise by going all in on what we think should be a critical focus area for every operator: business outcomes.

At MWC Las Vegas, we’ll put the spotlight on the network and business goals 5G helps stakeholders pursue. This includes the role of automation, efficiency, security and cloud transformation in delivering better services, making customers happier and achieving better profitability.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect from Rakuten Symphony at MWC Las Vegas 2022:

A Focus on Symworld Capabilities

Symworld is a cloud-based platform with app store functionality, allowing MNOs to add network operation software capabilities from their own console. No more waiting for hardware, just decide on a business outcome and Symworld takes care of provisioning the technology.

The Symworld platform was introduced at MWC Barcelona earlier this year. At MWC Las Vegas we’ll demonstrate the capabilities of the platform during the “Road to Zero-Touch Automation” session.

News Releases

Rakuten Symphony Symware™ Phase Two Begins with Plans to Commercially Deploy 30,000 Units in Japan

  • Rakuten Mobile, the world's first end-to-end fully virtualized 4G and 5G commercial mobile network, will rapidly expand coverage with plans to deploy Symware™ multipurpose edge appliances across 23,000 new sites in just 10 months.
  • Expects to reduce data center and associated operational costs by 50%.
  • Developed in collaboration with Intel, the Symware™ device features zero touch provisioning, Multi-RAT support and IP65 ruggedized DU, and is now ready for global operator deployment.

Rakuten Symphony Announces Symops™ Service Assurance, Designed for the Next Generation of Telecom Operations and Cloud

  • Commercially Proven at Scale, can achieve up to 70% decrease in configuration mistakes, 30% reduction in open trouble tickets, 20%-40% improvement in resource efficiency and 99% in meeting SLA (Service Level Assurance) targets.
  • Cloud Agnostic solution fully deploys in weeks rather than months or years.
  • Pre-integrated with 110+ node element types from 20+ vendors in a hybrid physical and cloud-based ecosystem with cloud native environment for fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPs).

Rakuten Symphony to Accelerate Cloud Native Telecom Transformation with AWS

  • Rakuten Symphony to run Symworld™ services, a world-leading, cloud-native telecoms operation platform, on AWS, a leader in public cloud services.
  • The combination of AWS infrastructure and services combined with Rakuten Symphony’s pre-integrated, telecom-specific, cloud-native operational capabilities accelerates transformation for customers.

Executive Speaking

At MWC Las Vegas, four Rakuten Symphony executives will take the dais to share their expertise and talk about telco transformation. Here are previews of who will say what.  

Future Network Has No Boundaries Wed, Sept. 28: 15:00 - 16:00 PDT

Level 2,W229, WEST HALL

Geoff Hollingworth, Chief Marketing Officer 

What to expect: Open technology is the future of wireless networking, but what does an open and collaborative approach look like? Geoff will provide his thoughts and several examples of successful open deployments.

Cloud for Telco vs Cloud by Telco Thu, Sept. 29: 13:30 - 14:30 PDT

Level 2, W229, WESTHALL

Azita Arvani, General Manager, Americas

What to expect: Azita will discuss how the move to cloud-native telecom can accelerate the digitization of MNO networks, opening new business opportunities that can lead to new revenue streams.

Open RAN Summit: Session 1 – Open RAN Momentum, Thu, Sept. 29: 14:55-15:20

Level 2, W220, West Hall

Sushil Rawat, VP of RAN Product Platform, Rakuten Mobile

What to expect: Sushil will provide an operator’s perspective on the current momentum around Open RAN as part of a five minute presentation at the top of the session.

Open RAN Summit: Session 3 – Accelerating Open RAN adoption, Thu, Sept. 29: 16:30 – 16:55 PDT

Level 2, W220, West Hall

Azita Arvani, General Manager, Americas

What to expect: Azita will participate in a panel to discuss the benefits of integrated Open RAN solutions for operators and customers.

Road to Zero-Touch Automation Thu, Sept: 29: 16:30 - 17:30 PDT

Level 2, W229, WEST HALL

Zia Syed, Symworld Platform President

What to expect: Zia will talk about the importance of automation to ensure efficiency, reduce errors and to reduce new service time to market. As a bonus, he’ll demonstrate the automation capability of Symworld showing real-world capabilities to enable zero-touch automation.

Securing the Connected World Thu, Sept. 29: 16:30 - 17:30 PDT

Level2, W231, WEST HALL

John Carse, Chief Information Security Officer, Rakuten Mobile & Rakuten Symphony

What to expect: John will moderate this panel bringing his years of security experience to bear on the challenges of securing today’s wireless networks. The panel will discuss how security is evolving to meet the needs of multi-vendor networks supporting dramatically more connected devices.

Join us

Join us at MWC Las Vegas (Sept 28-30), where Rakuten Symphony will be located at Room # W210, as we flip the script and focus on the business outcomes that put all of the other technology decisions in the right context.

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