Rakuten Symphony thought leaders shape future directions for telecom at DSP Leaders World Forum

May 30, 2024
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Telecom operators aiming to transition into digital service providers (DSPs) are focused on two things in particular: expanding their digital services and increasing the associated revenue.

At the 2024 DSP Leaders World Forum, sponsored by TelecomTV, four experts from Rakuten Symphony and Rakuten Mobile will share actionable information on successfully making the DSP transition.

The DSP Leaders World Forum will take place just outside of London on June 5-6. The event theme is “unleashing the digital services opportunity.” The sessions are designed to “examine what CSPs can do to accelerate the evolution of the network to support the provision of innovative digital services and meet the requirements of their customers.”

A unique aspect of this forum (besides the charity pinball tournament) is that each session is led by a chief technology officer from a telecom operator.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect from Rakuten Symphony’s presenters:

Geoff Hollingworth

Leveraging telco cloud for advanced operations

June 6, 2024 from 11:15 am – 12:30 pm, UK time

Focusing on the customer

June 6, 2024 from 3:30 pm – 4:25 pm

Chief Marketing Officer for Rakuten Symphony Geoff Hollingworth will present twice during the forum. As an advocate for an entirely new mobile network infrastructure, Geoff will discuss the smart use of public cloud and telco cloud by telecom operators.

Geoff will also join a panel titled “Focusing on the customer” bringing his insights into how DSPs can improve customer experience by ensuring that the needs of the customer are at the heart of everything they do.

Geoff has spoken extensively on a range of telecom topics, including automation & AI in telecom networks, network slicing, data modeling, and telco-centric digital transformation. You can watch the recordings for Zero Touch Telecom Live here.

Madhukiran Medithe

Enabling the autonomous network with AI

June 5 from 11:15 am – 12:30 pm, UK time

Madhukiran (Madhu) Medithe is Chief Data Officer at Rakuten Mobile and is very passionate about the use of AI and automation to build autonomous networks. He will discuss how fully autonomous networks can turn around an MNO’s business with a flexible, cost-efficient network platform that can be used to launch new services.

Madhu is passionate about leveraging AI to drive innovation within the mobile industry. Explore his perspectives on maximizing value from AI and enterprise data modeling in one of his recent discussions here.

Vivek Chadha

Building digital infrastructure from core to edge

June 5 from 3:50 – 5:05, UK time

Vivek Chadha is Senior Vice President, Global Head of Telco Cloud, at Rakuten Symphony, and will share his expertise with edge deployments. There is a host of reasons for the growth of edge compute – low latency, reduced backhaul traffic, data kept local, and so on. Vivek will break down the market drivers and discuss the importance of stateful edge compute and storage for DSPs.

Vivek will share his extensive knowledge of telco transformation and network monetization using the power of Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies. Access one of his most popular articles here.

Faiq Khan

Improving network optimization through automation

June 6 from 2pm – 3:15 pm, UK time

Faiq is the Head of Sales for OSS for Rakuten Symphony and he will bring his deep experience in automation and OSS to this discussion. It’s not practical or cost effective to build edge deployments without automation, as the number of servers and other remotely located assets are impossible to manage manually. Faiq will discuss how automation leads to autonomous self-management by edge systems.

Learn more about Rakuten Symphony’s commitment to integrating AI and automation at the center of its business and the importance of addressing practical realities on the ground.

Rakuten Symphony’s DSP World Forum presentations tackle difference-making technology for the DSP transition. If you are attending, stop by and see our executive team, or let us know if you have any questions. Otherwise, be sure to sign up for the live broadcast.

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