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Intel and Rakuten Symphony collaboration highlighted by Network Builders Winners’ Circle recognition

Mehran Hadipour
VP - BD & Tech Alliances
Rakuten Symphony
December 8, 2022
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Gartner suggests that by 2025, over 75 percent of data will be created and processed outside centralized data centers. And as soon as 2023, Deloitte predicts 70 percent of enterprises will use the intelligent edge.

Rakuten Symphony Symworld™ Cloud solutions in partnership with Intel Smart Edge Open created a proven cloud-native platform for the disaggregation of — and containerization of — network services for 5G, Edge Cloud and Open RAN.  

Expanding partnership with Intel through Winners’ Circle program

The recent announcement of Rakuten Symphony as a Titanium member of Intel Network Builders Winners’ Circle Awards sets the stage to expand our partnership with Intel towards a universal open platform for operating networks functions (VNF/CNF) built on a cloud-native foundation with advanced hyper-automation towards the goal of self-optimized networks. The Titanium level is the highest as part of the Network Builders Winners’ Circle program, which rewards Intel’s top technology partners in terms of close collaboration on go-to-market planning as well as engagement with end user customers on training and advocacy programs.

A telco-ready cloud platform

Rakuten Symphony telco cloud-native platform brings a new level of flexibility that abstracts complexity and simplifies the deployment and day-to-day operations of applications and infrastructure at the edge.  

The solution provides a telco-ready cloud platform that disaggregates network service on top of standard Intel hardware with openness and the flexibility to mix and match various components from ecosystem players.

Rakuten Symphony Symworld Cloud takes full advantage of Intel technology to deliver disaggregation and programmability for service delivery for 5G-wide use cases including Open RAN and stateful edge latency-sensitive applications.  We look forward to a continued strong collaboration with Intel in the coming years.

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