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World’s Best Mobile Network Edge Cloud

Telecom’s No. 1 edge cloud is already proven, at scale.

Symphony Cloud brings telecommunications into the hyper-scale era.

The Cloud Native Transformation

Simple & Future Proof
Accelerate Deployment and Automate Lifecycle Management of Stateful, 4G/5G and Edge Apps on Kubernetes.
All the Network Cloud Infrastructure should become invisible and available on demand.
Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 are fully automated, zero friction insertion. Single pane view.

Symphony Cloud Vision for The Edge

Open Architectures
A Rakuten Symphony Company
  • Efficient open platform
  • HW/SW disaggregation
  • Open RAN & Open Core
  • Multi-vendor ecosystem
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Full support of Clouds
  • End-to-end Containers & Microservices
  • VNF & CNF coexistence
  • Hybrid Cloud enabled
  • Application as a Services
  • High performance networking and application aware data services
Open Architectures
  • Hyper-Automation
  • Automated service   Orchestration
  • On-demand automated delivery
  • Simple deployment and life cycle management
  • Workload mobility and hybrid cloud support

Designed for Telco

Customer Validated and Proven at Scale

First production containerized 5G stack with
of subscribers
Scalable orchestration & Automation for RAN and Core
reduction in OpEx
Enabling Open RAN and Core on commercial hardware
reduction in CapEx
Reduction in deployment time
From 10 days to minutes
Running VNF & CNFs

Multi-cloud mobility
Zero touch automation
Hyperscale orchestration

Symphony Cloud Solutions

Symphony Cloud-Native Storage (CNS)
(for 5G & Edge use cases)

  • Accelerate deployment of any & all Stateful apps on Anthos/GKE
  • Simplify Day 2 operations without becoming Storage Experts: Snapshots, Clones, Backups
  • Best TCO of any Storage Solution
  • True app-centric multi-cloud app portability
Symphony MDCAP
(for Metal-to-Service Automation)
Symphony Cloud-Native
Platform (CNP)

(for 5G & Edge use cases)
Symphony Cloud-Native
Storage (CNS)

(for 5G & Edge use cases)

Symphony MDCAP
(for Metal-to-Service Automation)

  • Automate management of BareMetal Servers
  • Metal-to-Service orchestration and automation

Symphony Cloud-Native Platform (CNP)
(for 5G & Edge use cases)

  • Carrier-grade kubernetes for Network & Data-intensive apps
  • Optimized to run RAN, Core, Edge apps
  • Provides policy-driven end-to-end automation from cell-sites to edge to core data centers
Deploy stateful apps on Kubernetes
Deploy 4G/5G RAN and Core at Scale
Deploy and Manage Apps at the Edge
Common Platform to Run Containers and VMs
Common Platform for Hybrid & Multi-Cloud
Automate Day-2 Operations

Why Stateful Applications need a Cloud Native Storage Stack

Kubernetes solves Orchestration and Lifecycle Management for stateless Apps

Always on

Data should always be available even if Pods, Disks and Servers fail


DevOps teams should manage  apps without becoming storage experts

But what about Storage and Data Management for your Stateful Apps?

High Performance

Predictable app performance is crucial in a shared cluster

Business Continuity

Snapshots, Clones, backups & DR are required for continuity

End-to-End Observability

Observability is critical for maintainability and operations

Robin CNS: Day 0 Capabilities

Cloud-Native Storage
  • Lightweight operator installs on any Kubernetes
  • Discovers and pools local disks (SSD, HDD, NvMe), Cloud disks, SAN
High Availability
  • Strictly consistent replication
  • Auto resync on fall-behind
  • Fast failover with split-brain avoidance
Advance Placement
  • Strictly consistent replication
  • Auto resync on fall-behind
  • Fast failover with split-brain avoidance

Robin CNS: Day 1 Capabilities

  • Baremetal performance (2-6x faster than others)
  • Live data rebalancing to avoid IO hotspots
  • Cap IOPs to avoid noisy neighbor challenges
Capacity Management
  • Add/remove disks to increase/decrease capacity
  • Grow and shrink volume size
  • Replace faulty disks
  • Map storage allocations from App > Nodes > Disks
  • Get detailed storage metrics
Data Management
  • Snapshot, Rollback
  • Backup, Restore
  • Business continuity and App portability

Rakuten Mobile Network –
Next Generation 5G

OSS/ BSS/ Business Logic
Robin End-to-End Orchestration & Automation
For Edge DC
Robin CNP
80k Servers
Regional/ Edge DC
Robin CNP
30k Servers
Central DC
Robin CNP
10k Servers

Rapidly deploy RAN and Core-as-a-Service

Model and reuse complete cell and core site policies. Bring up an entire location in minutes with zero-touch deployment orchestration and configuration automation that works with all the leading O-RAN vendors.

Deployed in production to run 5G, 4G RAN and packet core services on a unified infrastructure and operations platform.

Symphony Cloud Native Platform

Carrier-grade advanced networking that improves NF performance.

High-performance networking optimized for running low latency and high-throughout network functions, including RAN (DU, CU and controllers), 5G Core, UPF and others.

Support for policy-driven access to advanced infrastructure capabilities, like NUMA-aware with auto-discovery, SR-IOV, CPU cores, siblings, memory, FPGAs and GPUs, without requiring developers to write a single line of code.

Support for dual-mode IPv4/IPv6, source-based routing and overlay/underlay networking, connecting cross-cluster applications and legacy operations systems: OSS, BSS, monitoring and analytics, secure and easy.

Run stateful apps

on Kubernetes

Highest performing storage and data management for any Kubernetes on-premises or in any cloud. Automate critical operations for databases, big data, time series and message queue services in production on Kubernetes.

Highest performing application-aware storage and data management

Robin CNP provides high performance, applications-ware storage and data management for running databases, big data, messages queue, time series and other stateful apps on Kubernetes.

Solves critical day 0 and day 2 challenges associated with data and application availability, performance, resilience, security and business continuity - all natively integrated into Kubernetes and made accessible to DevOps teams without requiring them to become storage experts.

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