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Improving mobile network performance with automation and real-time monitoring

Ankesh Tiwari
Associate Director Intelligent Operation Solutions – Technical Sales
Rakuten Symphony
November 14, 2022
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The exponential growth of data, followed by cloud adoption, has added to the struggle that communication service providers (CSPs) face. The need of the hour for CSPs is not just limited to a view of the health and status of the networks, but to have a centralized intelligent view of the entire network performance.

Symops Performance Monitor

Rakuten Symphony offers end-to-end management and visibility of the network performance with the help of its Symops Performance Monitor product.

The cloud-native solution is vendor agnostic and built using open-source technology, enabling operators to monitor, analyze, and predict the network performance from a centralized system.

Performance Monitor, combined with the telecom-designed Symworld platform, delivers AI/ML capabilities to help CSPs achieve their performance goals for their network. In addition, it recognizes the need for and importance of improving the way network events are detected, which it addresses with its pre-built unique anomaly detection capability.

Anomaly Detection

The anomaly detection capability provides a solution for telecom challenges, including:

  • Poor network data management
  • Lack of network visibility
  • Service degradation
  • Inability to fetch network performance reports

The anomaly detection layer enhances the monitoring of KPIs by accessing real-time data to identify performance issues, enabling users to take action proactively. Moreover, the automation module helps identify the root cause of issues based on the anomalies detected in the network, enables the creation of decision trees, and facilitates the triggering of the next best action for the resolution of the identified anomaly or issue.

Network Performance Monitoring

We know how medium and low performance-related severity outweighs the high priority severity as low/medium priorities are difficult to detect. Symops Performance Monitor powered by automation and anomaly detection solves this problem with its unique capability of intelligent real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs), proactive detection, identification of the root cause, and triggering the next best action. Furthermore, all the learning, based on issues, is captured by the AI-enabled anomaly system, thus enabling the user to build intelligent KPIs or formulas for network monitoring, significantly impacting the actual cost overtime.

In-short, Symops Performance Monitor ensures real-time monitoring and enables improvement in KPIs, proactively resolving ongoing glitches which could have a significant financial impact on the organization.

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