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Join the conductors of the future as we reimagine telecom and challenge the status quo. 

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Composing connection, conducting the human symphony

Our mission is to democratize connectivity everywhere by empowering telecom operators with a unified platform and marketplace to manage their networks in the most sustainable, cost-effective, and highly performant way possible. 

If you’re looking to learn, grow and prosper, Rakuten Symphony is the place for you. It has been such an enriching experience thus far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Zein Badaro,
Product Marketing and Operations

Investing in Employees

Our employees are the greatest asset to Rakuten Symphony, so we invest in the development of our growing, global, diverse employee base as a top priority. Within our (Rakuten) Symphony, each employee plays the part of conductor. Conducting the future of telecom, conducting the future of the company, and conducting the future of their own career. 

Harmony with our Planet 

Our technology leads to a future with sustainable and smart energy. Working harmoniously with Rakuten Group and its partners, Rakuten Symphony not only looks to optimize telecom operator energy management but to lessen its need through innovation. 

Culture at the Core

Our culture is built upon the foundation of Rakuten Shugi, principles and processes that have driven employee success within Rakuten Group for the past 25 years as the company disrupted industries and expanded globally.

Rakuten Shugi

Brand Concepts

On a
Prepare to
Succeed: Professionalism
Get Things Done
as a team

Five Principles for Success

Always Improve, Always Advance
Passionately Professional
Maximize Customer Satisfaction
Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!

Community & Culture

We're building a community that is Progressive, Different, empowering and exciting. Be a part of our composition…

Our Teams

Rakuten Symphony is composed of Technology, Design and Services. Discover which opportunity is the best fit for you.

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Hiring conductors of the future across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific Region to serve users worldwide.

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