We are Symphony: A conversation with Fatein Jam’an

Valeria Levantino
Communications Manager
Rakuten Symphony
May 24, 2024
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Fostering global compliance, embracing cultural diversity, and balancing life with fitness. Meet Fatein Jam’an, Global Compliance Manager in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Department at Rakuten Symphony, as she shares her journey, insights, and the values that guide her work and life.

Tell us about your journey to Rakuten Symphony.

I’m originally from Singapore and majored in Economics. My career began at a governmental agency, focusing on financial intelligence analysis. I then joined one of the Big Four accounting firms in forensic advisory consulting, followed by a multinational corporation, handling investigations, anti-bribery, and fraud cases.

Fatein posing with Okaimono Panda at Rakuten Crimson House, Singapore
Fatein posing with Okaimono Panda at Rakuten Crimson House, Singapore

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to join Rakuten Symphony and I took it. What attracted me the most was that Rakuten Symphony isn’t your typical telecom provider. We’re advancing the next generation of greenfield technology, like Open RAN, and I’m excited about the impact we can have on the world.

From the beginning, I resonated deeply with the concept of “Rakuten Shugi,” especially its emphasis on integrity—behaving ethically and honestly. These principles align perfectly with my values and the compliance culture I aim to promote. Joining Rakuten Symphony felt like the right move, combining innovation, global collaboration, and a shared commitment to ethical practices.

Can you describe what a typical day looks like in your role?

As the Global Compliance Manager in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Department, I handle compliance awareness initiatives, onboarding training, mandatory compliance e-learning, and awareness trainings. I also collaborate with other departments to monitor sensitive information and ensure our corporate practices align with ethical standards and legal requirements. My role demands a high degree of confidentiality.

In our team, there’s no such thing as a typical day—we always expect the unexpected. Compliance issues are dynamic and ad-hoc, requiring us to address them with professionalism and versatility. There’s no off-peak period; things just pop up, and we have to deal with them immediately.

What makes Rakuten Symphony unique for you?

One of the most unique aspects of Rakuten Symphony for me has been the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to a global team and put to good use. My entire team is based in Japan, and working with colleagues from different cultures has been incredibly enriching. Initially, I thought it would be challenging, but I quickly realized we share many experiences and skills, creating a strong bond and mutual understanding. In my previous jobs, I worked mostly with Singaporean colleagues, but here, collaborating with diverse teams has been a pleasant experience, marked by a high level of reliability.

The tremendous support from my mentors and managers has also been invaluable. They have always pushed me to expand my capabilities and have valued my skillset, which has elevated not only our department but also Rakuten Symphony as a whole. A special mention goes to Shuichi Oda-san, who encouraged me to continuously learn and grow. With his support, I became a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). His guidance has been instrumental in my career development, helping me move into a management position.

Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you?

“Progress is not only reflected in the peaks, but also in the valleys you cross.” For me, it’s all about resilience, and that’s what keeps me going. I find immense satisfaction in using my skills to add value to others and to the company I’m working for. Overcoming challenges and pushing through tough times have been key to my growth. It’s not just about reaching the top, but also about the journey and learning every step along the way.

atein practicing combinations during an intensive Muay Thai practice session
Fatein practicing combinations during an intensive Muay Thai session

What hobbies keep you motivated and energized outside of work?

To release stress, I punch and kick—safely, of course! I practice Muay Thai and have moved to Les Mills workouts like Body combat. Staying healthy both physically and mentally is important to me. I also enjoy stand-up paddle boarding and have earned a certification in it. There’s a lovely spot here in Singapore where I love to paddle.

What are your future goals at Rakuten Symphony?

My next goal is to create more compliance awareness across the regions. We’re looking forward to working closely with the team in India on anti-bribery and corruption programs. In the long term, I aim to contribute to Rakuten Symphony by upholding commendable standards of compliance and work ethics. It’s also essential to stay adaptable and navigate the changes in technology and business to remain relevant. As the industry and business technologies continuously evolve, we must ensure our compliance standards keep pace. Technological advancements, such as the rise of Artificial Intelligence, bring new regulations. Staying ahead by setting high compliance standards is crucial!

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