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Rakuten Symphony Symware 2.0 server launch gets assist from Intel

February 27, 2023
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At MWC Barcelona, Rakuten Symphony has big plans for the launch of SymwareTM 2.0 server. These activities will get an assist from Silicon Valley – where Intel Network Builders will draw attention to the breakthrough new product by publishing a guest blog post from Rakuten.

Symware platform is a revolution in how mobile networks are built with the entire product optimized for distributed unit (DU) applications - from CPU to industrial design. 

Two Symware 2.0 models – for indoor and outdoor deployments – were announced at the show. Both models feature extensive automation capabilities that enable remote zero touch provisioning and life cycle management minimizing human installation and updating time and reducing total cost of ownership for MNOs.

Intel Technology for Performance, Reduced Power

In the guest Intel post, author Sushil Rawat, VP, RAN Product Platform at Rakuten Mobile Inc., provides an overview of the Symware 2.0 platform and also discusses its incorporation of Intel technology. The products are powered by a 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor with built-in vRAN Boost, an on-chip accelerator that boosts Open RAN performance without the extra power and board space needed for a discrete accelerator.

Rawat also writes about how the use of the vRAN Boost and the improved performance of the processor cores reduce power consumption per sector by 50%. It’s a great story of two technology innovators coming together to develop a server with COTS components that makes true the promise of Open RAN. 

Read the guest blog here.

Also, Intel and Rakuten will show the Symware 2.0 server in our respective booths at MWC Barcelona. Our show site has all the details.

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