Rakuten Symphony Employee Spotlight: Meet Pragya

Suddhaloke Choudhury
Global Content and Social Media Manager
Rakuten Symphony
January 16, 2023
minute read

What does it take to drive a new era in telecom – one where cutting-edge technologies and brave ideas come together to democratize connectivity for everyone, everywhere?  

The answer is people; some of the most talented and ambitious in telecom, connected by a shared goal to do things differently and bring much-needed disruption to the industry. We caught up with some of our pioneering leaders from Rakuten Symphony India to hear what drew them to join the company, their passions outside of work and what makes them optimistic about the future of the company.

Watch this video to learn more about Program Manager for Rakuten Symphony India, Pragya.

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Employee Spotlight

Learn more about Pragya here.

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