Rakuten Symphony showcases industry-leading edge cloud storage solution at Google Cloud Next 2023

September 6, 2023
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Partnership with Google sets new standards in scalability, security, and efficiency for on-premises and edge infrastructure 

Rakuten Symphony, a Velocity Sponsor of Google Cloud Next 2023 conference in San Francisco, showcased its pioneering Symcloud Storage solution – a state-of-the-art Edge Cloud storage solution that is pre-certified for Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) at the August event.

Click here to learn more about our presence at Google Cloud Next 2023.

Event Highlights 

At the event, the Rakuten Symphony team presented detailed walk-throughs of Symcloud Storage, a cloud-native storage solution for GDC, along with pertinent use cases from across the Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telco, Banking and Financial Services industry sectors.

Missed the live demonstrations? You can access them here.

  • Scalable Persistent Storage for Containers and VMs on Google Distributed Edge
  • HA and Automated Recovery for Google Distributed Edge
  • Easy, Integrated Storage Management for Google Distributed Edge
  • Volume Snapshot
  • Multi-Application Access with Advanced RWX for Google Distributed Cloud

A harmonized ecosystem for container-based deployments

The strategic partnership between Rakuten Symphony and Google enables customers to leverage the advanced capabilities of GDC and Symcloud Storage to effectively manage container-based deployments at an unprecedented scale. It enables businesses to modernize both their on-premises and edge infrastructures without the need to alter existing applications. Symcloud Storage offers unparalleled data resiliency, high-availability, and security features, making it simpler for customers to transition their stateful workloads to containers and optimize their edge deployments.

Navigating complex storage challenges  

Traditional Kubernetes Container Storage Interface (CSI) often falls short in providing comprehensive storage support, particularly in edge or on-premises environments with limited dedicated resources. The combined force of Google Distributed Cloud and Symcloud Storage resolves these challenges, enabling businesses to rollout mission-critical edge data services with confidence.

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched security: In tandem with Symcloud Storage, customers can expect 3x storage and superior automation features, in addition to enhanced security.
  • Ease of deployment and scale: Seamless integration with pre-certified solution packages available at every release from both Google and Rakuten Symphony.
  • Streamlined execution and resolution: Experience the convenience of unified billing and single-line technical support.
  • High performance for every workload: Benefit from bare-metal performance, rapid quiescence and linear scalability for both stateless and stateful workloads.
  • Joint innovation: Two years of collaborative effort on integrated security and observability to enhance customer experience.
  • Efficient edge infrastructure: Features like minimal data footprint and advanced replication make data protection effortless.
  • Synchronized upgrades, single support line: To enhance user experience and system efficiency, Symcloud’s releases will be synchronized with GDC releases. This alignment allows customers to execute upgrades simultaneously, minimizing downtime and operational delays. Moreover, a unified technical support line ensures that customers receive immediate, expert assistance for any technical challenges.


Symcloud Storage, a leading KUBERNETES® data management and software-defined storage (SDS) platform, is specifically designed for enterprise applications and operator-led 5G Edge solutions. Available through the Google Cloud Marketplace, it has never been easier for customers to consolidate their business needs under one account.

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